David Dorfmüller Söhne – We do a new thing every day.

A family success story

DDS has been an owner-managed family business since 1884. In the course of time, we have developed from a craftsman’s company with a few employees into a modern, medium-sized industrial enterprise.

Our team of long-standing, qualified employees is one of the most important factors for our success. High motivation and a strong bond between employee and employer are a great asset, which we very much appreciate and absolutely want to maintain.

Because only through our employees can we continue to supply you with the usual high quality.


How the twist began.

1884Company foundation

Company founder David Dorfmüller

David Dorfmüller Söhne was founded by David Dorfmüller and his brother Friedrich Dorfmüller as a tool welding company. In 1900 Friedrich leaves in order to start his own business.

1905Production facility in Hasten

The factory in Anton-Küppers-Weg ca. 1916

The business is moved to the new production facility in Remscheid Hasten. David Dorfmüller’s four sons Walter, David, Hugo and Robert join the team.

19141st World War

During the war all women in the family start working in the production  – the only way to keep the business upright amd running. Military tools become a major part oft he assortment.

Robert falls in the war in South Poland in 1916. Walter and David are injured and committed: Walter gets sent to the Schichau Shipyard in Poland whereas David goes to Krupp in Essen.

In 1918 the brothers return to Remscheid – laden with knowledge and machinery and ready to expand their production possibilities.

The business‘ name is changed to David Dorfmüller Söhne, as Walter, David Junior and Hugo become co-owners. Also 12 further employees are hired.

1929Founder of the company dies

David Dorfmüller Junior, Robert Dorfmüller, Hugo Dorfmüller

David Dorfmüller sadly dies in 1929.

The global economic crisis rears it’s ugly head – still, the 3 sons succeed in expanding their business due to cleverness, stamina and frugality.

19392nd World War

The factory in Anton-Küppers-Weg, post- war

1939 – 1945they are hit by a major throwback. Most of their employees are called up to fight in the war. As in the previous war, it is up tot he 3 brothers and the women in the family to keep the company upright.

1945 most of their employees returned.

1948Post War

After the 2nd World War, they begin making nuts for the first time – they are needed for the roller guides of the band saws used to work on wooden parts. The self-constructed band saw roller guide `DIVA` was granted a patent. The first slotted nut W40x1,20 was made.

1949Family changes

Wolfgang Dorfmüller

In 1949, David Dorfmüller Junior dies childless. Walter and Hugo carry on leading the company.

Walter’s son Wolfgang Walter joins the team in 1950.

In 1956, Hugo Dorfmüller dies leaving behind 2 daughters, but no sons, so from now on Walter leads the busniness alone. Under his leadership, many innovations begin changing various assets of the production. New products make their way into the assortment, for example standard parts for mechanical engineering. Some of the main products are now slotted nuts and round nuts with set pinholes. The business expands rapidly.

1965Production facility in Hasten Büchelstraße

In 1965 a factory in Remscheid Hasten, Büchelstraße 42,  formerly belonging to a company named Clemens Tschöpe, is taken over. These buildings were mainly used for mechanical finishing as well as for administrative work and sales.

The old Dorfmüller factory in “Am Platz 25” is enlargened in 1967. The production of blanks is concentrated here.

1975Klaus Dorfmüller joins the team

1975 Wolfgang Dorfmüller’s son Klaus begins an apprenticeship in the family business.

1979CNC – a milestone

In 1979 David Dorfmüller Söhne takes over a company producing electromagnetic gear coupling called Richard Hofheinz & Co. In Haan, including all their machinery and employees. They also buy their first CNC-controlled lathing machine, followed by three others up until 1982. Klaus Dorfmüller is put in charge of this new section.

1985Michael Hake joins the team

Michael Hake, Wolfgang Dorfmüller’s son-in-law, joins the team in 1985

1986New company location

A new company location is built in Dreherstraße, Remscheid Lüttringhausen, in 1986, fusioning the two other locations.

2002Change of managment

Michael Hake and Klaus Dorfmüller are made managing directors next to Wolfgang Dorfmüller in 2002.

2006Lucas Dorfmüller joins the team

In 2006 Klaus‘ son Lucas Dorfmüller begins his apprenticeship in the family business.

2008Changes in Dreherstraße

Current location in Dreherstraße

In 2008 Wolfgang Dorfmüller makes his children and son-in-law limited partners,
whilest keeping the majority himself. He begins with the expansion and developement of the office and production facilitys in Dreherstraße. The new production site measures about 1400 m².


2013Death of Wolfgang Dorfmüller

Wolfgang Dorfmüller dies at the age of 82 years. He was an important member of the company for 63 years, of which he was positioned managing director for 42 years.


2015Change of managment

2015 – Lucas Dorfmüller is made managing director next to Klaus Dorfmüller and Michael Hake.

2018Michael Hake retires

Michael Hake retires in December 2018 after having been an important member of the company for nearly 35 years.